Perspective in Comparative Endocrinology: Unity and Diversity
 Sorrento (Napoli), Italy, May 26-30, 2001


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By decision of International Federation of Comparative Endocrinology Societies (IFCES), the meeting in Sorrento (Napoli) was designated as the XIV International Congress of Comparative Endocrinology (ICCE). It has been my honor to chair this Congress for three main reasons to be equally considered: it is the first ICCE of the third millennium, pursuing tradition; the scientific organization has been chaired by Henk Goos (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands), thus the Congress should be considered patrimony of the new born European Nation; the Congress has been held in honor of Giovanni Chieffi, mentor of Italian comparative endocrinologists. His outstanding results are recognized all over the world and he strongly has contributed and contributes to affirm the fascinating idea of comparative studies in biology as the unity (representing the common origin of genes, structures, processes) and the mode things have evolved in different ways, leading diversity. Therefore, in accordance with Henk Goos, the motto of the Congress was "Unity and Diversity" and has been chosen as part of the title of this volume.

Special thanks go to Rakesh Rastogi, for his competence and for the hard work carried out during the organization of the scientific sessions, and to Hubert Vaudry, President of the IFCES during 1997-2001, for useful criticisms. I’m also grateful to the Second University of Napoli (SUN), the University of Napoli "Federico II", the Department of Human Physiology and Integrative Biology "Filippo Bottazzi" (now Department of Experimental Medicine, SUN), Carl Zeiss S.p.A. and Casa Editrice EdiSES for financial support.

Riccardo Pierantoni
Chairman XIV ICCE




Molecular Markers of Egg Quality in Fish Culture
O. Carnevali 

Are Transgenic Fish for Aquaculture Doomed to Extinction?
L. Colombo, S. Vianello, L. Dalla Valle, M. Bortolussi, F. Argenton and P. Belvedere 

Current Status of Embryonic Stem Cells and Gene Knockout Technology in Fishes
Y. Hong, C. Winkler, C. Xiang, S. Chen and M. Schartl 

* * *

The Effects of Stress on Cortisol and a-MSH Levels in White Sea Bream Diplodus Sargus
I. Olivotto, G. Mosconi, F. Maradonna and O. Carnevali 

Cell Signaling

Role of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) in GnRH Receptor Signaling in Tilapia Pituitary Cells
G. Gur, D. Bonfil, H. Safarian, Z. Naor and Z. Yaron 

Signal Transduction in the Rodent Pineal Organ: Activation of Membrane-Bound Receptors Stimulates Gene Expression
H.-W. Korf, C. Schomerus, E. Maronde and J.H. Stehle 

* * *

Paracrine Modulation of Cardiac Performance: The Frog Heart as an Ideal Model
S. Imbrogno, R. Mazza, D. Pellegrino, A. Gattuso and B. Tota. 

Guanylyl Cyclase mRNAS and Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity in Trout Retinal and Pineal Photoreceptors
Qiong Shi, Hironori Ando and Akihisa Urano 

Control of Gene Expression

Molecular Structure, Ligand Specificity and Expression Patterns of Chicken LH Receptor in Ovarian Follicles and Embryonic Gonads
S. Mizuno, A. Hinohara, O. Nakabayashi, H. Hoshino, K. Nishimori, D. Yamada, J. Kato and T. Kikuchi 

Thyrotropin: Molecular Structure, Phylogenic Diversity, Gene Expression and Bioactivity
J.Y.L. Yu 

* * *

Multiple Functions of the LHY Transcription Factor In the Arabidopsis Circadian Clock
I.A. Carre, J.-Y. Kim, H.-R. Song and B. Taylor 

Thyroid-Harderian Gland Interaction in the Rats: Morphological and Molecular Evidences
G. Chieffi Baccari, D. Ferrara, R. Monteforte, B. Esposito,
A. Lanni and S. Minucci

RORa1 Gene Expression and the Action of Melatonin on PSA Synthesis in LNCaP Cells
T. Furuya, M. Kobayashi, S. Ozawa, K. Shirama and J. Yamada

Cloning of Prolactin cDNA: Temperature - Dependent Prolactin mRNA Expression
I. Hasunuma, T. Iwata, N. Takahashi, K. Yamamoto, A. Marin, I. Perroteau, C. Vellano and S. Kikuyama 

Expression of a Recombinant Gonadotropin-I of the Japanese Eel Anguilla Japonica in the Methylotrophic Yeast Pichia Pastoris
H. Kamei, Y. Yoshiura, N. Uchida, T. Ohira and K. Aida 

Regulation of Somatostatin Expression
M.A. Sheridan, M.M. Ehrman, G.T. Melroe and J.D. Kittilson

Cloning and Characterizaion of the Shrimp FAMeT cDNA Encoded for a Putative Enzyme Involved in the Methylfarnesoate (MF) Biosynthetic Pathway
Y.I.N. Silva Gunawardene, Jian-Guo He and Siu-Ming Chan

Global Analysis of Gene Expression Induced by Environmental Endocrine Disruptors
H. Watanabe, D.L. Buchanan, H. Handa and T. Iguchi 

Development and Sex Differentiation

Administration of Oestradiol to Barramundi, Lates Calcarifer, Induces Protandrous Sex Change
T.A. Anderson and J. Forrester 

Disruption of Lepidopteran Metamorphosis By Polydnaviruses
C. Béliveau and M. Cusson 

Use of Transgenic Xenopus to Analyse Thyroid Hormone-Dependent Regulation During Metamorphosis
L. Coen, I. Rowe, D. Du Pasquier, S. Le Mével, A. Mazabraud and B. Demeneix 

* * *

Action of Norepinephrine on Endocrine Pancreas Secretion in Podarcis S. Sicula
S. Buono, G. Odierna II, G. Acanfora, D. Sorriento and R. Putti

Early Stages of Development of Triturus Cristatus Pancreas
S. Buono, G. Odierna II and R. Putti

Cloning, Characterization and Expression of Vasa-Like Gene in the Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus Aurata)
M. Cardinali, M. Mancini, A.M. Polzonetti-Magni, G. Yoshizaki and O. Carnevali 

Developmental and Hormonal Consequences of Ammonium Perchlorate Exposure in Larval Amphibians
J.A. Carr and W.L. Goleman 

The Role of Yolk Steroid Hormones in Reptile Sex Determination
P. Elf, J. Allsteadt, J. Lang and A. Fivizzani

Ontogeny of FMRFa-Like Immunoreactivity in the Olfactory Components of Lower Vertebrates
M. Fiorentino, B. D’Aniello, C. Pinelli, F. Raucci, G. Lania and R.K. Rastogi 

The Thyroid Axis in Developing Lungfish
J.M.P. Joss 

Role of Estrogen in Gonadal Sex Differentiation in Japanese Flounder (Paralichthys Olivaceus)
T. Kitano, K. Takamune, Y. Nagahama and S.-I. Abe 

Ascidian Brain Originates from the Neural Gland Primordium
N.J. Lane, L. Manni, P. Burighel and G. Zaniolo 

Thyroid Hormone Modulates Retinol Effects on Metamorphosis of Anuran Tadpoles
J. Menon, D. Fresse and M.K. Sahani

The Mechanism of Metamorphic Transformation of Anuran Larval Epidermis
K. Yoshizato 

Endocrine Disrupters

Vitellogenesis As a Biomarker of Endocrine Disruption in the Freshwater Amphipod Hyalella Azteca
G.F. Vandenbergh and C.R. Janssen 

* * *

Organ Distribution of Nonylphenol and Its Effect on Vitellogenin Synthesis in Juvenile Golden-Grey Mullet (Liza Aurata)
S. Bompadre, G. Pizzonia, A.M. Polzonetti-Magni and O. Carnevali 

Thyroid Function in PCB-Exposed Avian Embryos and Chicks
F.M.A. McNabb, R.J.R. McCleary, L.A. Fowler, C.M. Parsons, K.A. Grasman and G.A. Fox 

Hormonal Control of Bio-rhythm

Melatonin and Biological Rhythms
P. Pévet

* * *

Reduced Amplitude of Melatonin Secretion During Migration in the Blackcap (Sylvia Atricapilla)
L. Fusani and E. Gwinner 

Regulation of Rhythmic Steroidogenesis by Light and Neuropeptide Inputs During Development in the Insect Rhodnius Prolixus
C.G.H. Steel and X. Vafopoulou 

Neuropeptide and Steroid Hormone Rhythms Are Regulated by Distinct Cellular Oscillators During the Development of the Insect Rhodnius Prolixus
K.L. Terry and C.G.H. Steel

Hormones and Behavior

Endocrine Control of Reproductive Behavior of the Newt, Cynops Pyrrhogaster
S. Kikuyama, F. Toyoda, T. Iwata, K. Yamamoto, S. Tanaka, K. Matsuda and H. Hayashi 

* * *

Circulating Catecholamines in the Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Caretta Caretta, During Nesting Season
A.Y.A. Alkindi, I.Y. Mahmoud and F. Al-Siyabi 

Host- parasite Endocrine Interaction

Insect Endocrine and Neuroendocrine Host-Parasite Relationships: Common Themes
N.E. Beckage 

Parasites Make Use of Multiple Strategies to Change Energy Budgeting in Their Host
M. De Jong-Brink 


Are the Endocrine and Immune Systems Really the Same Thing?
C.B. Schreck and A.G. Maule 

Crosstalk Between the Neuro-Endocrine and Immune System in Teleosts
B.M.L. Verburg-Van Kemenade, M.Y. Engelsma, M.O. Huising, J. Kwang, W.B. Van Muiswinkel, J.P.J. Saeij, J.R. Metz and G. Flik 

Effects of Hypophysectomy on Immune Functions in Channel Catfish
T. Yada, T. Azuma, T. Hirano and E.G. Grau 

* * *

Melatonin Synthesis in the Quail Bursa of Fabricius
T. Kobayashi, M. Tada, M.T. Itoh, Y. Sumi and T. Machida 


Thyroid Function of Growth-Retarded Mice
K. Kobayashi, M. Sato, T. Kobayashi and T. Machida 

Oxygen Consumption During Moulting in the Shore Crab Carcinus Aestuarii and b-Ecdysone Effects
L. Valandro, S. Caberlotto, M. Pizzutto and L. Colombo 

Molecular Control of Bio-rhythm

Effects of Oral Administration of Melatonin on the Reproductive Cycle of a Small Marsupial, Antechinus Stuartii
B.M. McAllan, W. Westman and J.M.P. Joss1


Stress Physiology of Tropical Fishes: Case Studies from Coral Trout and Barramundi
T.A. Anderson 

Rapid Non-Genomic Controls of Brain Aromatase Activity
J. Balthazart, M. Baillien and G.F. Ball 

Patterns of Corticosterone Secretion in Tuatara (Sphenodon): Comparisons With Other Reptiles, and Applications in Conservation Management
A. Cree and C.L. Tyrrell 

Neurohormonal Control of Proline Metabolism in Beetles
G. Gäde and L. Auerswald 

Neuropeptides and Their Receptors – Evolutionary Insights
D. Richter

Neuroendocrinology, from Concepts and Complexity to Integration – The Xenopus Pars Intermedia
E.W. Roubos, W.J.J.M. Scheenen and B.G. Jenks

Molecular Evolution and Knockout of the PACAP Gene
N. Sherwood, S. Krueckl, E. Fradinger, N. Erhardt, K. Cummings, S. Gray and B. Adams 

A Novel Hypothalamic Peptide Inhibiting Gonadotropin Release
K. Tsutsui, K. Ukena, E. Saigoh, H. Teranishi, H. Satake, Y. Fujisawa, H. Minakata, M. Kikuchi, S. Ishii and P.J. Sharp 

Energy for Insect Flight: Neurohormonal Regulation of Lipid Mobilization
D.J. Van Der Horst, L.F. Harthoorn, J.H.B. Diederen, R.C.H.M. Oudejans and W.J.A. Van Marrewijk 

Coping With Unpredictable Environmental Events: Mechanisms to Avoid and Resist Stress
J.C. Wingfield 

* * *

Nitric Oxide Synthase in the Hypothalamo-Hypophyseal System of the Teleost Oreochromis niloticus
L. Bordieri, G. Venturini, T. Persichini and C. Cioni 

Effects of Sex Steroids on the Forebrain Expression of Somato-Statins in the Goldfish, Carassius Auratus
L.F. Canosa1 , X. Lin and R.E. Peter 

Serotonin Hypothalamic Metabolism and Plasmatic Levels of Steroid Hormones in Pimelodus Blochii (Teleostei, Siluriformes
E. Cardillo, Ch. Rodrěguez and D. Marcano 

The Neuropeptide Y Family in the Control of Food Intake in Fish
J.M. Cerda-Reverter, Y.K. Narnaware and R.E. Peter

Biological and Biochemical Effects of Estradiol Stimulation of A1 Neural Cell Line
L. Colucci-D’Amato and P. Chieffi 

NMDA Can Modulate mGnRH Secretion From Rat Hypothalamus
A. D’Aniello, M.M. Di Fiore and R.K. Rastogi 

Cloning of Mesotocin (MT) and Vasotocin (AVT) cDNA from the Oviparous Reptile Podarcis Sicula
R. Di Montefiano, A. Spiess, M. Romano, E. Limatola and R. Ivell 

Estrogenic Influence on sst2 Receptors-a GABA type A Receptor Subunit Interaction in the Hamster Limbic Areas During Hibernation
R.M. Facciolo, R. Alň, F. Pappaianni, M. Madeo, A. Carelli and M. Canonaco 

The Innervation of Adrenal Homolog in Teleosts: Histological, Cytological and Immunohistochemical Research
V.P. Gallo, F. Accordi, A. Bracci, C. Chimenti, F. Luciano and A. Civinini 

Activity of Drosophila Neuropeptide F
S.F. Garczynski, M.R. Brown, T.F. Murray and J.W. Crim

Activation of the Nervous System in a Tapeworm
M. Gustafsson and N. Terenina

Isolation and Characterization of a GnRH-Like Peptide from Octopus Vulgaris
E. Iwakoshi, K. Takuwa-Kuroda, Y. Fujisawa, M. Hisada, K. Ukena, K. Tsutsui and H. Minakata

Sexual Dimorphism of Galanin-Like Peptide in the Preoptic Region of "R"-Morph Red Salmon
A. Jadhao, C. Pinelli, M. Fiorentino and R.K. Rastogi 

Distribution of Mesotocin and Vasotocin Secreting Neurons in Reptilian Brains by In Situ Hybridization
E. Limatola, R. Ivell, R. Esposito, M.G. Monti, C. Rea,
M. Romano and R. Di Montefiano

Brain Dopaminergic Activity and Serum Levels of Steroid Hormones in Wild and Cultured Chaetodipterus Faber
D. Marcano, N. Gago, ‘ H.Y. Guerrero and E. Cardillo

Neuropeptide Tyrosine in the Brain of the Antarctic Fish, Trematomus bernacchii
M. Mathieu, S. Candiani, M. Pestarino, RK. Rastogi and M. Vallarino 

Distributions of PACAP and Their Relation to Neuro- and Adenohypophysial Hormones in the Hypothalamo-Pituitary Region of a Teleost, the Stargazer
K. Matsuda, K. Morita, M. Uchiyama, S. Shioda, A. Takahashi, H. Kawauchi and A. Arimura

Expression and Cellular Distribution of Secretin and Its Receptor in the Cerebellum
S.S.M. Ng, B.K.C. Chow, R.T.K. Pang, L.T.O. Lee, K.Y.Y. Chan and W.H. Yung 

Effects of Hypothalamic Factors on the Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone b Subunit mRNA Expression in the Bullfrog Pituitary
R. Okada, K. Yamamoto and S. Kikuyama 

Neural and Hormonal Control of Contractions Associated With the Salivary Glands of the Blood-Feeding Bug, Rhodnius Prolixus
I. Orchard and V.A. Te Brugge 

Regulation of GnRH Receptor mRNA in Tilapia Pituitary
H. Safarian, G. Gur, H. Rosenfeld, Z. Yaron and B. Levavi-Sivan 

Sympathetic Ganglionic Galanin Neurons Evoke Avian Oviposition by Innervating the Uterine Oviduct: A Novel Neuronal Mechanism of Avian Oviposition
H. Sakamoto, T. Ubuka, C. Kohchi, K. Ukena and K. Tsutsui 

Distribution of Secretogranin-II (SgII) mRNA in the Goldfish
M. Samia, K.E. Larivičre, A. Basak and V.L. Trudeau 

Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Induces Gamete Release in a Protochordate, Ciona Intestinalis
K. Terakado 

Regulation of the Plasma Melatonin Level in Anuran Tadpoles
M. Wright, C. Alves, L. Francisco, T. Shea, R. Visconti and N. Bruni

Neuroendocrinology of Feeding Behaviour

Melanocortin Receptors in the Regulation of Food Intake
A. Kask and A. Skottner

From Starving Lampreys and Voracious Toads to Lipogenesis and Development of Obesity in Human Beings
L. Olesen Larsen 

Role of the Leptin Signaling System in Energy Homeostasis
A.B. Steffens, T. Adage, K. De Vries, R. Adan, A. Scheurink and G. Van Dijk 

Novel Peptides Involved in the Control of Feeding in Goldfish
H. Volkoff and R.E. Peter 


Transepithelial Water Transport in Insect Malpighian Tubules
K.W. Beyenbach

Drinking and Alimentary Transport in Teleost Osmoregulation
C.A. Loretz 

Renal Handling of Water in Vertebrates
H. Nishimura, Z. Fan and L. Zhang 

ION Transport Peptide (ITP): Structure, Function, Evolution
J. Phillips, J. Meredith, Y. Wang, Y. Zhao and H. Brock 

* * *

Possible Interaction Between the Renin Angiotensin System and Natriuretic Peptides on Drinking in Elasmobranch Fish
W.G. Anderson, Y. Takei and N. Hazon 

Hypotonic Challenge in Flounder Produces a Significant Change in Circulating Levels of the Neuropeptide, Arginine Vasotocin (AVT)
H. Bond, J.M. Warne and R.J. Balment 

Secretion and Peripheral Action of Urotensin II in the Euryhaline Flounder
M.J. Brierley, J. Clark, M.W. Winter, A.J. Ashworth, J.R. Banks, R.J. Balment and C.R. Mccrohan

Osmoregulation, FMRFamide-Like and SCPB-Like Neuropeptides in the CNS and Kidney of Siphonaria (Mollusca: Pulmonata)
H. Khan, A. Al-Kindi and A.S.M. Saleuddin 

Responses of Circulating Vasotocin, Isotocin, and Melatonin to Osmotic and Disturbance Stress in Rainbow Trout
E. Kulczykowska 

Osmoregulation in the Antarctic Teleost Histiodraco Velifer
M.A. Masini, M. Sturla, P. Prato and B.M. Uva 

Prolactin Increases Open-Channel Density of Epithelial Na+ Channel in Frog Skin
M. Takada and M. Kasai 

Effects of Forskolin and Natriuretic Peptides in the Skin and A6 Cell Line of Anuran Amphibians
M. Uchiyama, Y. Sano, S. Sawada, K. Matsuda and K. Narita 

Pituitary Hormones

Survey of Pituitary Hormone Genes Expressed in Hatschek’s Pit of Amphioxus
K. Kubokawa, T. Okuno, K. Terakado and M. Nozaki 

Identification and Distribution of Growth Hormone and Prolactin Cells in Pars Distalis of Rana Tigerina
Srirath Pakdeeronachit, Prapee Sretarugsa, Duangrudee Cherdwongchareonsuk, Udomsri Showpittapornchai, Sakae Kikuyama and Prasert Sobhon

Regulation of a-MSH Release from the Pituitary Pars Intermedia of Xenopus Laevis in a Cold Environment
Y. Tonosaki, P.M.J.M. Cruijsen, K. Nishiyama, H. Yaginuma and E.W. Roubos 

Autoregulation of Growth Hormone Synthesis in Grass Carp Pituitary Cells
H. Zhou, W.S. Li, E.K.Y. Lee and A.O.L. Wong 

Receptors for Steroid and Thyroid Hormones

Ecdysteroid Receptor (EcR) Cycles With Tissue-Specific Phases in the Insect Rhodnius Prolixus: Relationships With Circadian Regulation of Blood Ecdysteroid Levels
X. Vafopoulou, C.G.H. Steel and K.L. Terry

* * *

Androgen and Estrogen Receptors in the Rat Exorbital Gland
D. Ferrara, G. Chieffi Baccari, S. Minucci, F. Esposito and G. Chieffi 

Lectin-Binding in Thyroglobulin of Thyroid Glands from Representative Stages of Rana Catesbeiana Tadpoles
J. Kaltenbach, M. Wright, A. Gann and S. Nystrom 

Molecular Cloning of TRbs Encoding the Thyroid Hormone Receptor of the Conger Eel, Conger myriaster
Y. Kawakami, M. Tanda, S. Adachi and K. Yamauchi 

Thyroid Hormone Receptor Expression in the Liver of the Lizard Podarcis Sicula
F. Virgilio, R. Sciarrillo, A. Cardone, V. Laforgia,
A. Cavagnuolo and L. Varano 

Regulatory Peptides and Their Receptors

Antimicrobial Peptides from Frog Skin
J.M. Conlon, J.B. Kim, B. Matutte and F.C. Knoop 

* * *

A Putative Role for NGF- and p75-Like Immunoreactive Proteins in Earthworm Defence Mechanisms
C. Davoli, A. Marconi, A. Serafino, P. Pierimarchi, F. Mariani, F. Andreola and G. Ravagnan 

Endothelin 1 (ET-1) Control on the Adrenal Gland Activity of the Lizard Podarcis Sicula
M. De Falco, S. Valiante, R. Sciarrillo, L. Varano and V. Laforgia 

Quantification of Allatostatin mRNA in the Midgut of Diploptera Punctata
C.S. Garside, W.G. Bendena and S.S. Tobe

The Involvement of Crustacean Cardioactive Peptide (CCAP) in the Control of Oviduct Muscle of Locusta
A.B. Lange and A. Donini

The GGNG-Peptide Family: Annelid Myoactive Peptides
O. Matsushima, H. Takahama, T. Nagahama, F. Morishita, Y. Furukawa,H. Satake, K. Takuwa-Kuroda, T. Kawano, E. Iwakoshi, M. Hisada and H. Minakata 

N-Terminal Amino Acid Sequence Deduced From Bullfrog Thyro-Globulin Messenger Ribonucleic Acid and Thyroid Hormone Generating Sites
Shintaro Suzuki, Michio Ogasawara, Nori Satoh, Yoshihide Ohe, Masayuki Suda and Hiroaki Hayashi 

Imposex in Pomacea Canaliculata: Endocrine Disruption by Tributyltin Resolves an Enigma
N. Takeda 

Bufotenine, a Hallucinogenic Compound, in the Brain of Anuran Amphibians
N. Takeda 

Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein (PTHrP) in the Flounder: The Kidney Is an Apparent Target Organ
C.A. Teitsma, P.M. Ingleton and R.J. Balment 

A New Strategy for Exploring Hormones by Topological Mass Spectrometry Analysis
A. Yasuda, Y. Yasuda-Kamatani and T. Nakajima 


Effect of Testosterone on GnRH-Induced Apoptosis in the Goldfish Testis
C. Andreu-Vieyra and H. Habibi 

Proto-Oncogenes and the Control of Testicular Activity
S. Fasano, G. Cobellis, R. Meccariello, G. Fienga and R. Pierantoni 

Functional Significance of Gonadal Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone in Goldfish
H.R. Habibi, C. Andreu-Vieyra and E. Mirhadi 

cDNA Cloning of Spermatogenesis Relating Substances and the Analysis of their Functions in Japanese eel
T. Miura, C. Miura and K. Yamauchi 

Gonadotropin-releasing-hormone Transcripts in the Ovary of Solea solea
M. Nabissi, M. Carotti, L. Soverchia, G. Mosconi, M. Cardinali and A.M. Polzonetti-Magni 

Androgens and Mating Systems in Fish: Intra- and Inter-specific Analysis
R.F. Oliveira, A.F.H. Ros, K. Hirschenhauser and A.V.M. Canario 

* * *

Initiation of Meiosis in Organ Culture of Newt Testes by IGF-I
S.-I. Abé, T. Yamamoto and Y. Nakayama 

Apoptosis Involvement in the Annual Cycle of the Lizard Podarcis S. Sicula Oviduct
L. Assisi, C. Lamanna and V. Botte 

Ovarian Steroidogenesis in the Zebrafish, Danio Rerio (Cyprinidae, Teleostei)
P. Belvedere, L. Lunardi, S. Vianello, L. Dalla Valle and L. Colombo 

Characterization of mUBPy, a Novel Mouse Deubiquitinating Enzyme, in Male Germ Cells
G. Berruti and E. Martegani 

In Vitro Effects of hCG, FSH, and mGnRH on Testicular Steroidogenesis in Bufo arenarum
L.F. Canosa and N.R. Ceballos 

Retinoic Acid Receptor Gene in Lizard Testis. A Role During the Spermatogenesis?
A. Cardone, R. Comitato, F. Angelini, G. Cerbo, E. Astore and B. Varriale 

The Multifunctional p27BBP in Xenopus Oogenesis
R. Carotenuto, P.C. Marchisio, S. Biffo, M. Wilding, M. C. Vaccaro, T. Capriglione and C. Campanella 

Induction of Ovulation in Rana Catesbeiana and Rana Tigerina by GnRH Agonist and the Artificial Fertilization of theOvulated Eggs
Jittipan Chavadej, Udomsri Showpittapornchai, Srirath Pakdeeronachit, Prapee Sretarugsa and Prasert Sobhon 

Spermatogonial Proliferation Through ERK1/2 Pathway in the Lizard (Podarcis s. sicula)
P. Chieffi1, G. L. Colucci-D’Amato, F. Guarino and F. Angelini 

Direct Effect of a GnRH Agonist on Fos Proteins Localization in Rana Esculenta Testis
G. Cobellis, R. Meccariello, S. Minucci, C. Palmiero, G. Fienga, R. Pierantoni and S. Fasano 

Tissue Distribution of Cytochrome P450arom Type II in Peripheral Tissues and Gonads of Rainbow Trout
L. Dalla Valle, A. Ramina, P. Belvedere and L. Colombo

NMDA in the Ovary of Ciona Intestinalis and Its Involvement in GnRH Secretion
S. D’Aniello, M. Branno, F. Aniello, P. Spinelli, A. De Simone and R.K. Rastogi 

Expression of MT1 and Melatonin Related Receptor (H9) in Adult Rat Testis
G. De Rienzo, F. Aniello, D. Ferrara, S. Minucci, I. Serino and M. D’istria 

Is the D-Aspartic Acid Implied in the Control of Gonads’ Steroidogenesis?
M.M. Di Fiore, L. Assisi, A. D’aniello and V. Botte 

Melatonin Effects on the Testicular Activity in the Green Frog, Rana Esculenta
M. D’istria, A. Fuschino, S. Minucci, C. Palmiero, R.K. Rastogi and I. Serino 

Application of Histology in Reproductive Biology of Fishery Studies
M.M. García-Díaz, M.J. Lorente, J.A. González and V.M Tuset 

The Lizard Brain Progesterone Receptor: Biochemical and Immunohistochemical Studies
G. Guerriero and G. Ciarcia 

Cloning and Sequence Analysis of CDNA Encoding P-450 Aromatase from the Ovaries of Ice Goby, and mRNA Expression of P-450 Aromatase During Oocyte Development
J. Hatano, K. Asahina, G. Yoshizaki, A.O. Sudrajat and K. Aida 

Partial Sequence and Expression of AR and ER Gene in the Protogynous Wrasse, Halichoeres Trimaculatus
S.J. Kim, K. Ogasawara, Akihiro Takemura and Masaru Nakamura 

Participation of Testosterone in Vitellogenin Synthesis In Vitro in Tilapia
B.H. Kim, A. Takemura, S.J. Kim and M. Nakamura 

Bradykinin B2 Receptor Expression in the Porcine Ovary
A. Kimura, R. Ohkura, T. Kihara and T. Takahashi

Oocyte and Egg Yolk Proteins in the Lizard Podarcis Sicula
E. Limatola, P. Rosanova, C. Anteo, M. De Nardo, R. Marciano, M. Malanga, E. Alviggi and M. Romano 

Molecular and Biochemical Characterization of Glandular Kallikreins Expressed in the Adult Mouse Testis
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